Set-up & Brake In Period

EnergyLab Sports cycling inspiration was inspired by two unique areas coming together, high speed aircraft and race car brake pads. Both using carbon fiber composite materials for their unique and specific needs.

Just like on your motor vehicle when you have new brakes installed there is a break-in period to ensure safety and performance. By doing the process listed below you will allow your EnergyLab rims to reach their full potential and will have maximum performance.

Once you have correctly installed your tires and rims, installation of the brake pads are important to ensure proper and safe braking control. If you are unsure simply have a certified bike shop and mechanic install the brake pads to EnergyLabs specifications.

Because the rims are designed with a larger and better braking surface then other carbon wheels make sure the brake pads are installed on the bottom 2/3 of the braking face were the pads will come in contact. The bottom is considered the braking surface that is closes to the center or hub of the wheel. Note below illustration.

Prepare for your first ride making sure you are following your local traffic laws and wearing correct riding gear.

1) Gently apply the brakes when safe to do so, taking your speed from 12 mph (20 kms) to 5 mph (8 kms). Do this as a controlled slowdown and only when safe to do so.

a. Repeat this process 8 to 10 times allowing 5 to 10 minutes for “cool down” between.

NOTE: No panic stops during process and should be done taking into consideration your surroundings.

During the Break-in period the process involves a gradual build up of heat to prepare the rims and the brake pads for maximum braking performance. Rapid heat build up prior can lead to glazing of brake pads or rims and other problems.

Caution: After installing new pads, the first few brakings will result in very little braking power. Gently use the brakes a few times at low speed in order to build up braking grip.


Energy Lab Rims Full Potential

By doing the process listed you will allow your Energy Lab rims to reach their full potential and will have maximum performance.