Wheels with Energy



The team has built leading edge wheels but most of all durable, reliable and affordable.

When we set out to design cycling wheels to address industry problems we spent time with bike shop owners, mechanics and warranty managers listen to both the problems with performance wheels and their ideas to solve them. Who better to ask, they have seen the best and worst over the years and consistently focused on obvious problems, smart and often simple solutions. Consumers didn’t commonly know several of the problems and it was important to get the facts from the shops that take care of their customers.

From these ideas we started to set the framework, ideas and culture that is know EnergyLab Sports.

Once the ideas hit the road the real test started. Data is one thing but ride performance we felt was paramount. We tested in the wettest, steepest, hottest, roughest and outrageously angriest roads, by some of the strongest and most demanding, critical, obsessive and ridiculously great riders.


We achieved our goal of building a fast, affordable and reliable product.